Curated by Fernanda Uribe & Matteo Prodani

Line cooking done well is a beautiful thing to watch. It’s a high-speed collaboration resembling, at its best, ballet or modern dance.
—Anthony Bourdain

MATTEO PRODANI & FERNANDA URIBE, curators/artists whose photography and artwork will be shown at Revelation Gallery in August 2022, opening on August 2. Photo courtesy of Matteo Prodani.

The restaurant industry has always been a backbone of NYC. We are all deeply connected to it directly or indirectly. As servers, bartenders, or diners, we experience the life of this city through its existence. And it is through it that many of us freelancers, artists and dreamers can afford to live in this magical—yet very expensive island.

The back of house, or BOH, is a term used for the behind-the-scenes action that happens in a restaurant. It is the unseen force that holds everything together.

In a broader view, the BOH becomes a metaphor. One of many examples of what helps us to keep it together in our day to day. Who or what represents the BOH for you? For some of us it can be our family, our spiritual beliefs, for others it may be our dreams or our art. With a unique and creative perspective, we are seeking for work that provides inspiration on what this unseen force looks like on your life.

Opening reception

Tuesday Aug. 2nd 6-8pm

Revelation Gallery

Saint John’s in the Village

224 Waverly Place, West Village, New York

The exhibition will be up for the whole month of August.

Fernanda Uribe-Horta Studio Inc

67 West St. Suite, Brooklyn, NY 11222

+1 9172508004

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