By Dana Jean Costantino

The past two weeks in New York City, we have experienced record-breaking summer heat: temperatures of nearly 100 degrees multiple days in a row. While many of us love the heat, others have a harder time dealing with it.

Below I explore some tips and tricks for staying cool while the “Summer Sun” is scorching!

1 – Drink Lots of Water…

Personally, I tend to struggle with this one but, on average on days as hot as these, most of us should be drinking between four and eight, eight-ounce glasses of water per day (height and weight play a factor in how much we should consume).

2 – Ice Bath…

Fill your bathtub with cool water and drop in some ice cubes along with several drops of lemon and orange essential oils. This will not only help you keep cool but will give you soothing feel for your muscles and mind.

3 – Fresh Fruit Ice Pops…

Buy a do-it-yourself ice pop mold and blend water, fresh berries and juice. Pour into the molds and place in the freezer. Healthy and delicious as well as cooling and fun!

4 – Go to the Library…

New York City has one of the best library systems in the world. Enjoy some time in the AC with a good book or magazine. You may even make a new friend while you are at it. Can’t beat that! Jefferson Market Library is opened 1-5pm on Sundays.

5 – Enjoy the Parks…

Enjoy one of the many gorgeous NYC parks, such as Hudson River Park. You can Kayak for free, sit under the shade of a tree and have a picnic and if you are a kid or young at heart, you can run through the joyful waterpark at Pier 51.

Stay Cool My Friends and Enjoy the Second Half of Summer.

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