2022 Greenwich Village State Senate Districts

Registered as an Independent Voter?

Confused About Redistricting?

On August 23rd there is a Democratic Primary.

Most WestView readers will be voting in the 10th Congressional District where a dozen candidates are seeking to win the Democratic Primary.

For State Senate, voters in the northwestern part of the Village have a Democratic Senate Primary in the newly created 47th Senate District between Brad Hoylman and Maria Danzilo.

The rest of Lower Manhattan is in the 27th Senate District where there is a race between Brian Kavanagh (an incumbent whose District used to cover the Lower East Side and the East Village) and Vittoria Fariello, who is the Female District Leader for Battery Park City.

If you are an Independent (not registered to any party) YOU CAN VOTE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY! You can do it on Primary Day (or on an Early Voting date) by changing your registration to Democratic at your polling location. If you want to go back to being unaffiliated (which means that you can’t vote in primaries) you can do it online the next day.

This gives you no excuse to sit out this Primary. The winners of these primaries will be your next Congress Member and State Senator!

—Arthur Schwartz


The 2022 redistricting fiasco has created confusion about who will represent the West Village in the NY State Senate. The newly drawn districts split parts of lower Manhattan between the 27th and 47th State Senate Districts. There are three candidates running in the Democratic Primary for the 27th State Senate District: Brian Kavanagh (I), Vittoria Fariello and Danyela Souza Egorov. There are two candidates running in the 47th State Senate District: Brad Hoylman (I) and Maria Danzilo. Credit: City University of New York (CUNY) Center for Urban Research / Frank Quinn.
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