Summertime Is Here—It’s Time For Gratitude!

By Dana Costantino

For so many of us, we look forward to the warmer weather, the opportunity to spend more time outside. As New York City dwellers, it is always such a joy to see the City streets come to life. People sitting at outdoor cafes talking and laughing over a meal or a drink. Seeing the parks full of people taking walks, exercising, having picnics and birthday parties. Kayaking on the Hudson River, taking a walk with your dog along the water.

We are so lucky to live on this Island of Manhattan. The Summer is a chance for us to get healthy. A time to exercise more, think about what we are eating, set intentions for the remaining seasons of the year, evaluate relationships be they friends, colleagues or family.

As we think about what we want to manifest and build as the second half of the year approaches, I suggest keeping a Gratitude Journal. Take a notebook, and each day devote five minutes to writing down what you are thankful for that day, what you look forward to tomorrow, and what you want to improve on. Think about coming up with a daily mantra at the beginning of each day. Just a few words to set your day in a positive motion. When you sit down at the end of the day to write in your Gratitude Journal, think about how you applied your mantra throughout the day.

Creating a practice that builds positive energy in your day to day will help you to lean into your goals and dreams. It will also help you to discover new goals and dreams. We can all use positivity and the combination of Summer, The City and daily time for a Gratitude practice is a good way to get the ball rolling or to keep it rolling.

Cheers to Summer, cheers to smiles and cheers to positive self-discovery. I am grateful for the WestView News community and hope you all find the Summer to be a time of personal blooming.

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