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Bad Advertising?

To the Editor:

 I object to two pieces—that I have been told are actually ads, and they were paid for—that appeared in the June WestView News.

 The one on page 26 is written like an article, but there’s no author’s name.  It turns out to be a fundraiser (“Be a cosponsor”) for a film.  It purports to be for 9/11 families, but no family member is mentioned.  Who will benefit from this film that is being made?  It promotes the conspiracy theory that the World Trade Center was felled by controlled demolition.  That’s been debunked, and I could contribute to the arguments to debunk it, but in order to justify fundraising for the film, it has to be clear that the 9/11 families, who are being cited as the beneficiaries, really are a part of this project.  There is no indicator that they are.  None of them is quoted or cited.  Nor is it clear that anyone will be identified as having arranged for these “demolitions.”  The ad looks suspect.  It’s asking for money, but it’s not clear exactly who will benefit.

 The one on the back page is bizarre.  It smears Dr. Fauci, and makes the  outrageous claim that a “Fauci + Gates Center” is responsible “for Forced Vaccination & Sterilization of All Republicans and for making all non-aborted fetuses TRANS or GAY.”  The purpose of this “ad” is not clear, other than to make false accusations.  It seems to be anti-vax and anti-Democrat, and it seems to claim that anybody who is born these days is going to be trans or gay, and it is biased against people who really identify as trans or gay.  It looks like a joke, but it clearly isn’t.  What’s it doing on the back page of this paper?  It’s turning WestView into a scandal sheet.

 WestView News must not be open to such nonsense. The paper needs money, but not so much that its integrity is compromised by scurrilous ads.  They’re horrible.  As a contributor to the paper, I demand that WestView not be brought to new lows. They can seem to reflect on all of those who write for the paper.

 Carol F. Yost

JANE LAUNDROMAT plans to reopen Mid-July. Photo by Justin Cheng.

Help Restore Jane Laundromat—UPDATE!

Good news for patrons of Jane Laundromat, which has been temporarily closed due to a fire on May 4. Owner Justin Cheng is happy to report he’s making progress with repairs. If all goes smoothly, he expects to reopen around mid-July. Justin looks forward to continuing to serve our community with the care and trustworthiness for which the family-owned business is known. In order to keep his commitment to come back as soon as possible, he is paying all repairs himself out of pocket before any insurance reimbursement; however, if machines need to be replaced, the cost far exceeds the maximum insurance allows. Therefore, the small business still needs our help. Justin thanks everyone. Please help our local laundromat out by donating to their gofundme page:

—Kathryn Adisman

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