Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite on Broadway—a Review

SARAH JESSICA PARKER AND MATTHEW BRODERICK have comedic timing and on-stage chemistry that can only be found in two people that not only have professional admiration for each other, but personal admiration as well. Photo by Dana Costantino.

By Dana Costantino

8pm, Wednesday May 11th, 2022, 
Performance at the Hudson Theatre

If there ever were a performance on Broadway that I was in sheer anticipation to see, it was Plaza Suite. As a native New Yorker and current resident of the West Village, home of the play’s leading actors, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, I could not wait to see the genius of Neil Simon’s writing come to life with this real-life couple putting their love, comedic timing and heart felt joy for the theatre into it.

The play is broken up into three acts. Each act sees Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick playing their hand at being a different couple at varying stages of life, with different issues, needs, concerns and many laugh out loud and poignant moments at play.

The play is set at New York City’s iconic Plaza Hotel in Suite 719. The time period for each act’s story is set in the late 1960’s. While much has changed in the social, political and emotional landscape of New York City since that time, the moments that each couple faced during each act somehow felt present, timeless. The themes of marriage and potential separation in act one or long separated first loves and what might arise upon seeing that love after a long time apart in act two, and finally a couple dealing with sending their apprehensive only daughter down the aisle as it opens questions about what new marriage and long-term marriage means all resonate with the audience.

Sarah Jessica and Matthew have comedic timing and on–stage chemistry that can only be found in two people that not only have professional admiration for each other but personal admiration as well. The way they play off each other could be felt in the air, much to the delight of the audience. The play is directed by ever talented John Benjamin Hickey and what a fabulous job indeed!

As for the costume design, the Tony nominated Jane Greenwood simply nailed it. I could not have imagined it better. Her costume design was the cherry on top of the acting and directing sundae that makes Plaza Suite a simply delicious Broadway treat.

The play has a limited run and will go through early July so be sure to get your tickets while you can—run don’t walk to the Hudson Theatre box office. A true toast to a New York play carried out so well by some of New York’s finest actors.

Always remember to support the theatre and local arts!

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