Gifts and Bliss to City Councilman Erik Bottcher in Celebration of Earth Day

AT THE SPIRIT OF SPRING FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS, photographer SuZen presents City Council member Erik Bottcher a gift of her photo, Hudson River Runner. Photo by Arlene Rush.

By P Segal

New York City fine-art photographer and multimedia artist, SuZen, brought gifts and bliss to newly-elected Eric Bottcher’s City Council office on Earth Day, April 22. Joined by the Westbeth Bliss Singers, SuZen and Erik hung a photograph from SuZen’s FOGSERIES and sang in celebration of Earth Day.

At the Spirit of Spring Festival of the Arts on Hudson River Park Pier 46, on the first day of spring, March 20, SuZen presented Erik with a gift of her photo, Hudson River Runner, in celebration of his being elected and thanking him for performing. Erik loves to sing and play his guitar. At the event, before he began, he handed out the lyrics of We Are the World to the Bliss Singers, who weren’t totally familiar with the song. Under the direction of Eve Zanni, the Bliss Singers learned the words, and sang it along with other songs as the photo was formally hung in the City Council office.

SuZen’s FOGSERIES images depict ethereal, dream-like scenes of Hudson River Park in deep fog, suggesting the Buddhist concept of emptiness. Using various special techniques, the glowing light of the photographs imbues a mystical, painterly quality reminiscent of J.M.W. Turner.

Bottcher enjoyed the Spirit of Spring event so much that he suggested to the Bliss Singers that they collaborate on a monthly sing-along for the whole city to join in. Currently there’s discussions of possible monthly events at Westbeth that would be open to the public.

SuZen is best known for her 25’ x 40’ painted mural of her photograph, Flowing Light, in Times Square. Since 1982, she has been creating public events around New York City. Her artwork is exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. Eve Zanni, born into a California family of musicians, vocalists, and activists, has been performing and writing music and lyrics since childhood.

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