NYC-based brand Serino opened a temporary creative studio and boutique on Bleecker Street on November 4th. 



330A Bleecker Street

New York, NY


Tues – Sat 11am to 7pm

Sun – 12pm to 6pm


More about Serino:  The NYC-based brand was recently launched after two years in the making by a team of fashion and tech veterans. Serino’s collection of essential styles focuses on a singular knit cotton yarn that translates into seven styles and five colors. All materials are sourced and produced in Italy through a family-owned and operated factory with sixty-five years of knitwear experience. Serino’s design ethos is one of purity and simplicity, meaning, they only create what is necessary and do not embellish for the sake of convention. 

The temporary creative space and boutique on Bleecker Street will also feature artworks from various local artists and collaborators. 


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