By Research Foundation to Cure AIDS President Kambiz Shekdar, Ph.D.

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“Give Us a Tip; How Can You Be Romantic When It’s 98F Degrees Out?


Lesbian Shannon Whittington

CEO Whittington Consulting


Take an ice bath together!

Add some champagne and rose petals.


Bisexual Melanie Pagan Merritt

Member of Gay

Officers Action League


My tip for being romantic when it’s 98 degrees out is stay home in the AC in bed talking, cuddling, selfcare etc. until sunset. Then hit the town if you make it out of bed.



Queer / Questioning

Query the Queer Fairy

Man on the Town

this/that/the other thing

Move slowly with a swish, a little swagger, and a sensuous sway. No rushing… everything I touch, every gesture, 
each interaction, is soft and seductive.

98 degrees of decreased, yet focused, energy.


Gay Nathanael Holley



I would just be very conscious of shade. Actual shade. No need to physically be in the sun on bright days. It’s totally fine to observe summer festivities from afar.


Trans Genn Herley

Executive Director



Put an ice cube in your lips and cool your partner’s body down!


Plus & HIV+ Brady Cudmore



Whether you’re romancing yourself with some self-love, or are looking for something special with a special someone, plan a mini-staycation. I myself love biking, and love the water, so I recommend purchasing an inflatable boat, picking up a plethora of foods for you and yours to enjoy, packing everything up and biking on a trail leading to a local river. Don’t forget to bring tons of drinking water and sunscreen (safety first!) and get ready for a beautiful day in nature by the water.


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