I enjoyed Bruce Poli’s article on physicist Richard P. Feynman. Just one correction that I know of: his first wife died of tuberculosis, not cancer.

—Carol F. Yost


Dear Margaret Chin,

I live at 170 thompson street, so in your district. But I am writing about my experience yesterday on Sixth Avenue. I usually rush by there (between 4th street and Bleecker), but yesterday I met some friends for coffee at Marie Blachere Bakery at Carmine and Sixth. I was there for several hours, and saw many people who had no idea where they were or where they were going. I heard that IFC may be closing now, so that will make that block even more destitute. One person was dressed in rags that were barely staying on his body, and he just stood there staring into space. No place to go, no place to relax. Another guy had his own stool, a very big bucket, and he turned it upside down and sat down on it and took out a big bottle of wine (I think it was wine). A girl dressed in rags went by, looking very uncertain and confused. 

I wonder: what will these people do in the colder weather? Where will they get food? Where will they sleep? There used to be mental hospitals, in the ‘50s and ‘60s, where they would go and rest up and get some care. I was in one myself, years ago in Connecticut, and it gives you respite, makes you stronger until you can go back outside. Now they are gone, victims of economics I guess, and of the misguided belief that pills will cure everything. I am here to tell you the situation is getting worse not better, and there are more and more aimless, helpless, mentally messed up people in my area (Greenwich Village).

We at least ought to be thinking about what to do to help them, where they will go, what they will eat, where they will sleep…. Who will help them get better?

All the best, Jane Heil


Is Mayor DiBlasio Destroying NYC’s Mass Transit as Well as Endangering Lives? 

Mayor DiBlasio has been destroying NYC’s mass transit, as well as endangering both riders and pedestrians. Here’s how: Instruct bus, subway and station staff not to confront those ignoring safety regulations; permit train and bus riders not just to ride without masks, but also to eat and drink on board; allow transit employees and the police themselves to ignore proper masking or distancing. Don’t improve ventilation in closed, crowded buses and subway cars. Take many elevators and escalators out of service, but have the MTA website show them as fully operational.

Then license 65,000 Uber and Via drivers (also harming local yellow cab drivers who paid thousands for their medallions).

Now add hundreds of bicycles, then legalize motorized bicycles and scooters. These policies work well in cities like Amsterdam, where residents are law-abiding. But in NY they don’t: riders not only ignore one way streets and traffic lights, but also ride on the sidewalk and outside protected bike lanes, creating danger to pedestrians and drivers alike. Lastly, allow restaurants to expand their outdoor spaces so far into local streets that ambulances, fire trucks and buses can’t have access.

If the police are forbidden to take action that prevents people’s lives from being endangered, if they’ve been instructed not to enforce safety laws, then what is their job responsibility? 

Everyone appreciates that the pandemic situation has been difficult and without precedent, but the Mayor needs to have a more holistic view, not just of specific “band-aid” solutions, but their consequences and impact on all New Yorkers.

—F. Seidenbaum


Hudson P.O. is Open

“ ……. . West Village Station on Hudson is our regular Post Office, however on the way back to our apartment, my wife and I literally stumbled on it because we utilized what for our normal traffic pattern, was a seldom taken route down 14th st. to Washington. 

On what today was our second trip there in as many days, there is literally no one there except for one self-proclaimed bored and lonely Postal Clerk. You literally feel like you’re standing in a library than a post office! They want you to come folks! They said it helps their day go by quicker. I posted a pic below for orientatative reference. ….”

Thought readers would want to know…

—John Early

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