I’ve Seen The Light And It Ain’t Pretty

I wrote the Letter to the Editor, below, that you published in the February 2017 issue. Your February 2020 issue has a long article on page 8 about the hazard caused by the lights of the W Hotel sign across the river in Hoboken. Something must be done to stop this unnecessary light pollution affecting us in the far West Village.

My apartment faces the towering buildings across the river in Jersey City. While I can mostly only see their higher floors and not the river itself, the views of the open sky and sunsets are important to us West Siders. I was shocked, stunned and appalled a few months ago to look out my window one night to see these glaring LED lights strung up and down the newest luxury high rise in Jersey City (The Eclipse by Lefrak).  A serious eyesore to anyone looking across the river from the Village or Chelsea. I have written to Corey Johnson (getting only a form response), left messages at Lefrak and even filed a complaint with the Jersey City Department of Buildings. I am sure I am not the only one disturbed by this light pollution so I am hoping that someone can do something about it.

—Walter Boxer 

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