Fragile Explosion: Jazz in the Village and Beyond

Poster for Fragile Explosion

Fragile Explosion: Nina Simone

A new American Jazz Musical by Michael Monasterial

Sabrina Kershaw and a fine cast wowed the audience last night at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 81 Christopher St. Sabrina’s superb performance, at turns fierce, shy, and breath-taking, brings Michael Monesterial’s brilliant book to life and poignantly, movingly tell the story of Nina Simone’s impact on music and activism. Jhanai Alexis is a rising star as young Nina.

Pastor Mark plays the narrator. Pianist Frank Saverino is the pianist and leads the jazz trio with verve and tenderness.

Not to be missed! Remaining shows: January 17, 19, 20 at 8 pm and January 18 (Saturday) at 4 pm.

Tickets here. More details here.

Other Jazz Must-Sees This Week

Love Hurts by jazz guitarist Julian Lage
Love Hurts by jazz guitarist Julian Lage is enjoying frequent well-deserved airplay on

Julian Lage Trio – Village Vanguard

Julian Lage Trio at the Village Vanguard through Sunday, January 20. 8:30 and 10:30 pm. Guitarist Julian’s liquid languor moves into infectious joyful exuberance and frenzied virtuousity. Jorge Roeder on bass and Dave King on drums lay down the backbone and join in the fun. A child prodigy, Julian is now in his early thirties. Don’t miss the chance to say you’ve seen him when.

Scott Robinson Quartet – Jazz at Kitano

Sax player Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson wearing fine performance togs created by his wife.

Veteran sax player Scott Robinson with the amazing Helen Sung on piano. Dennis Mackrel on drums and Martin Wind on bass. At Jazz at Kitano Friday January 18 and Saturday January 19, 8 and 10 pm. Worth the trek above 14th Street!

Pianist Helen Sung
Pianist Helen Sung.

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