Absolutely nothing gets people so instantaneously and uncontrollably angry as when somebody blandly recites a “conspiracy theory” as if it were true. Of course many of these recitations come from people who only watch FOX News and unquestionably believe in the Deep State, so we can understand the uncontrolled rejection.

A conspiracy fissure opened in the WestView staff regarding 9/11 and finally centered on a recent Alaska Study that said no way could building number 7 come straight down in seconds, unless a very skilled demolition team strategically placed explosives on the steel structural frame; and our very mature and sober architectural Editor Brian Pape read it and became convinced it was true and offered the article you will now read. The article was held up for a few months by staff members who still cannot tolerate that 9-11 was anything but the result of a handful of Muslim fanatics in two hijacked passenger planes.

You be the judge.

—George Capsis

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      George.. you are a wise editor and publisher. Your objective approach to the sticky 911 subject seems right to me. Thanks always for your guidance and leadership.
      Yours truly
      Joseph Turco, Esq.
      (Cub Reporter)

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