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As many of you know, WestView News is the brainchild of George Capsis, and the paper’s offices are located at 69 Charles Street. So we’re going to poke some gentle fun at the New York Post by having our very own Page 69. This will be an occasional column reporting on the glamorous doings of Village residents. We hope you enjoy the first edition!

RFTCA Dazzled Donors at FreeFromAIDS Gala on World AIDS Day

Partiers at FreeFromAIDS gala on World AIDS Day 2019
LGBT activist Kevin Uhrin outshines the rest in his stunning golden satin dinner jacket. Partiers, from left to right: photographer Steven Love Menendez, publisher George Capsis, RFTCA president and host of the festivities Kambiz Shekdar, Northwell Hospital Library Director William Self, Kevin Uhrin, model and writer Karen Rempel, journalist Stanley Wlodyka, artistic director Manuel Bagorro, and Fear Factor reality TV winner Andretti Andretti. Photo by Dusty Berke.

By Karen Rempel

Guests enjoyed a magical night of fine dining, entertainment, and musical performances, as they toasted the past and present advancements that have lit the path to a cure. The stellar performers included MC and burlesque entertainer Julie Atlas Muz, MC boylesque Tigger!, drag legend Charles Busch, Big Scot, Charm the Extracelestial, dancer Pamela Herron, gender-bending costume designer Machine Dazzle, makeup performance artist (and stilt-walker extraordinaire) Darrell Thorne, Church of the Ascension’s Father Edwin Chinery, and mesmerizing puppeteer Basil Twist. Honorees drag artist Joey Arias—on behalf of otherworldly performer Klaus Nomi, who died of AIDS in 1983—and Project Runway designer Mondo Guerra both shared moving stories of those impacted by AIDS and received recognition and awards from the designer Paul Smith for their contributions to the cause of curing AIDS.

You can add a dollar and your name to light the torch to cure AIDS, too, at RFTCA’s grass-roots fundraiser to fund and equip an AIDS cure incubator, at

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