By Roberta Curley


Eating ice cream is like breathing.

It jumpstarts day and night.

I mourn summer’s end. It often

spells doom for free flowing

ice cream.


Licking each novel flavor keeps

me from obsessing over my

jewelry stash.


Jewelry may be heavy but it’s

not fattening. It is said: “a thing

of beauty is a joy forever.”


Ice cream is gorgeous for about

ten minutes. Plain old bits of

mint chip slathered with syrup

laden crushed walnuts drizzled

by marshmallow goop gets

messy… like life does.


I dress up my funky ice cream

with gooey toppings galore, but

glittery platinum and diamonds

wow J.Q. Public as I step out

my door.


Photo by Roberta Curley.

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