Use It or Lose It

By Maggie Berkvist So, dear readers, despite posters that started to appear around the neighborhood in May, and my Open Letter to Corey Johnson in our […]

We Need Robert Moses

By George Capsis Robert Moses’ career ended when he wanted to build an elevated highway across Canal Street, and we locals rose in protest and […]

14A Bus

Dear Mr. Capsis, We in the West Village are trying to keep the Abingdon Square 14A loop. The MTA wants to cut service, which for […]

NYT Editorial Shock

Dear editors: I was shocked to see the New York Times editorial “Hudson River Park Needs Help” June 7, with a comparison of the Hudson […]

Not on My Wall

At 10pm on March 5th, Webster Stone, who lives at Charles Street and West 4th Street, kept hearing a loud buzz. “I couldn’t place it, […]

Pier 40

Dear WestView, I really appreciated the articles in your June edition by Bruce Trigg and Bunny Gabel regarding the Pier 40 development plans. I understand […]

Praise for WestView

Dear Mr. George Capsis, Thank you for daring to go where the controlled main media will not dare to tread. Your newspaper is fabulous. I […]