Right now you can go to YouTube and see and hear an interview with the new, young owner of the White Horse Tavern, Eytan Sugarman, as he describes his wish to keep the best of the oldest continuously run tavern in the West Village, and how he hopes to make it even better.

Why are we doing this?

The answer starts with the oft repeated question “Where’s my iphone” (the iphone for communicating with the “what’s going on” generation has become as needed as reading glasses).

But seeing news being made is different than reading it.

When I asked young Sugarman if he planned to change the venerable White Horse he gently explodes in a cascade of disclaimers—no, he wants to keep it as it was. He even took out the TV sets. “This will not be a sports bar.”

We can see the truth or a deflection of it when we ask a question before the video camera.

So each month we will try and choose an important story and interview a person who should know the truth and help him or her tell us. Oh, this was a lot of work and we would really appreciate it if you told us if you like the idea of …WestView coming alive

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