To Charlie McKenna, Re: Your letter to the Editor dated April 2019

We agree with you completely.

Usually, it is Steve Croman raising the rent so high that the clubs and pubs and restaurants could no longer remain in business.

In this case it was the owners of the White Horse Tavern who chose to sell to Steve Croman, and, no, it was not the best offer.

Of course Croman could have said to the new owners of the buildings that he would like to see the White Horse preserved as it is, but we feel that he would never do that.

We do believe that all the adverse publicity, the rally in front of the White Horse Tavern and the good old fashioned Irish Wake held by Malachy McCourt on that same day did in an odd way force Eytan Sugarman to keep The White Horse, The White Horse.

It will no longer be a tavern for the locals, but an upscale version of its former self.

We are not as familiar as you are with what’s happening in the West Village, as we have concentrated on Steve Croman these many years.

The happy ending is that Steve Croman went to jail, and will always be referred to as a convicted felon. We will report on his activities and sightings in future columns.

—Cynthia Chaffee and Mary Ann Miller, co-founders of the Stop Croman Coalition

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