Mademoiselle Mirabelle Brings Ooh La La to Bleecker Street

Mademoiselle Mirabelle alighted on Bleecker Street in mid-January, with a Parisian cocktail party to say “bienvenue” to her new neighbors. The store is owner Nicole Nicholson’s second location. The mother store, Boutique Mirabelle, at 1310 Madison Avenue, has become so successful after 30 years that it practically runs itself. Ready for a new adventure, Nicole decided to bring la French touch to the West Village. She says the store in the West Village is a little bit younger. “Uptown is more for the mother, and here it’s more for mother and daughter.”

“I think it’s the right time for something completely different from what it is on Bleecker. There is this touch, la French touch, which is a little je ne sais quoi, and très chic, and I love to help the customer to improve on their look.” Nicole has a talent for bringing out a woman’s unique style to make her look and feel terrific. “Right away I know exactly what is right for each person. This is my gift, my diplôme,” said Nicole.

I asked Nicole for her advice on older women wearing younger fashions. She said, “We cannot be ridiculous, we have to know our limits. A little touch of youngie, but not the whole look. You have to balance the limit, not go over the dose, not good, on anything. Moderation.” What about short skirts? “An older woman can do a short dress with an opaque hose and high boots, or booties. It’s sexy. Or you could use a printed or patterned hose. Balances the nudity of your legs. We have to be sexy and elegant, not sexy and trash. Voilà!”

Karen Rempel, Nicole Nicholson, Pamela Quinzi, and Maria Beard display Pamela’s colorful, hand-crafted shoes at Mademoiselle Mirabelle. Designer Pamela launched her book, The Cinderella of New York, with a spectacular runway show of her clothes and shoes at 1 OAK during Fashion Week. Photo by Karen Rempel.

Mme. Mirabelle carries women’s clothing by classic Canadian, French, and Italian designers. The Canadian design house Joseph Ribkoff (pictured) has evolved a practical beauty over 57 years. Nicole says, “I am so pleased to have them. Their items are washable and packable, great for traveling. And there are so many different styles, for everyone, from 22 to 85 years old.” Leo & Ugo is a Parisian couture house, creating fun, elegant styles for 41 years (see the zig-zag faux fur coat in the photo). Another French line Nicole is excited to carry is Weill couture (also pictured). She says, “They have existed in France since 1885, about six generations. Their prêt-à-porter couture is beautiful.” Nicole describes a classic cocktail dress from French fashion house Marie Elie, “It’s chichi poo-poo, very Frenchy.” Tricot Chic is a luxury Italian line for super fun, à la mode outerwear, and the Italian line VLT’s by Valentina provides crisp shirts in linen and other natural fabrics. Mme. Mirabelle sources fresh, edgy, elegant style at moderate prices. Dress prices range from about $245 to $540.

Mme. Mirabelle is the exclusive New York vendor for Kilame shoes by Italian fashion designer and shoe artist Pamela Quinzi. Nicole also carries unique beaded handbags from a California designer, and a gorgeous selection of jewelry.

Red rose geometric dress at left by Ribkoff. Gray dress by Weill. Photo by Karen Rempel.

Say Bonjour to Nicole at 330 Bleecker Street, or call 917-261-7332. Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday-Saturday, and 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sunday.

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