By Charles Caruso 

It’s impossible to carry a pizza home with dignity.

Tom Brady is Jack Kennedy. He’s a winner, rich and famous, Irish from New England, handsome with a beautiful wife.

The truest test of friends is how they act when you’re broke.

There’s so much walking in Hemingway’s Paris memoir that it could be titled ‘Moveable Feets’

By their books shall ye know them.

Time slips away at the hinges.

Would we have loved Che so much if he had looked like Woody Allen?

A light blowing out is an augury.

After all the dreaming and planning, after all the reading and research, after all the speaking and listening, we end up obsessed with the most ridiculous part of our decaying treacherous bodies.

Few people met Anthony Bourdain, but millions miss him.

People who are always using the word ‘class’ never have any.

Too sweet is as bad as too sour.

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