In a joint announcement the current owners of The Villager, Les and Jenn Goodstien, announced the sale of the nearly century old Village newspaper to Schneps Communications, “the largest publisher of community papers” in the New York area with headquarters in Brooklyn.

The new owners print 300,000 copies of their several publications each week and claim 2.5 million page views per month.

I last wrote for The Villager when it was owned by Tom and Elizabeth Butson between 1992 to 2000 when Tom died prematurely at 68. When my wife, Andromache (Maggie) discovered that Elizabeth was Greek, we had them for dinner.

Tom was an old Times editor and formerly the Managing Editor of the Toronto Star. Tom just loved the business and was perhaps compelled to do The Villager to keep his passion for news alive.

Recently, Elizabeth Butson spoke before the New York Publishers Association in offering a $1000 award in her husband’s name for investigative journalism.

George Capsis

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