By Yalini Anne Sampathkumar, 9

The West Village has lots of fun things to offer for kids all ages. Here are a few good places to visit with kids.

Jefferson Market Library:

Jefferson Market is a wonderful library. It has lots of activities like book signings, learning about animals, crafts, and games every Friday. On August 7th, they have a castle construction activity where you learn about different homes and you can make a mini castle to keep. They also have great books and movies.

Big Gay Ice Cream:

IT’S ONE OF THE BEST ICE CREAM PLACES IN THE WEST VILLAGE: Yalini and her sister Kavya outside Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. Photo by Ananth Sampathkumar.

Big Gay Ice Cream is one of the best ice cream places in the West Village. They have all sorts of different flavors like Salty Pimp, The Mermaid, The Swirl, American Globs and lots more. They even have popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and sundaes. Big Gay Ice Cream started out as an ice cream truck. It was so popular that it became a store that lots of people like.

Union Square Greenmarket:

The Union Square Greenmarket, popularly known as the farmers’ market, sells fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and much more. When you are done shopping, you should go to the children’s park nearby. The park has play areas for little kids and older kids. If you don’t feel like going to the super market, the farmers’ market is a great place to go food shopping.

The High Line:

The High Line is an old elevated train track turned into a garden that stretches out 1.45 miles long, with mini shops along the way. In one part, they have a thin stream of water where you can wet your feet. It has benches that stretch out to little beds for the parents to lie/sit in while their kids get wet. Every Tuesday from April through October it has stargazing from dusk to 30 minutes before the park closes.

Pier 51 Play Area:

Pier 51 is basically a water park along Hudson River Park. There are huge sprinklers that shower water on you and a small water area for younger kids. There is a sand box and a small stream of water along with three jungle gyms: one for younger kids, one for older kids and one for both. If you go there you will never want to leave—well, at least the kids.

The Village offers something for all ages, especially children.

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