Does a Conspiracy Theory Hide a Conspiracy?

By George Capsis

Dusty won’t even look at the headlines of the Times let alone read it. She scans the alternate media on her iPhone while occasionally glancing up at the CBS six o’clock news. So, it is not too surprising that she is deeply submerged in a theory that it was more than a handful of Muslims seeking martyrdom, in two hijacked passenger planes, that brought down all those buildings on 9/11. No, it was much bigger than that—it was a conspiracy.

Yes, well, some of us feel that if once you accept the conspiracy theory, there is no stopping—it goes all over the place, even (in this case, according to some) the White House.

So, when Dusty told me she was going down to City Hall to meet seventeen lawyers, to demand that the Attorney General open up the 9/11 file and answer questions that have emerged since that event I sighed, “that’s Dusty.” But then, I got a call that the president of the group had missed his plane and was coming directly to me at 69 Charles Street. He walked in, followed shortly by seventeen more, and just like that, our 20’ by 20’ kitchen turned into a conference room.

“God has sent you,” I began, “because in 1964 I was a partner in a firm (Robinson, Capsis, Stern) that did seven buildings at the New York World Fair—one of which was the Port Authority building—and I visited the offices of Yamasaki, the architect of the World Trade Center and even worked in the building for a year.”

I told them how Yamasaki had told us that the steel outer walls held up a massive concrete floor. So, when the planes hit, the flames from the burning fuel heated the outer structural skin allowing the concrete floors to drop in on themselves causing a puff of debris to shoot out as if it were an explosion—and ah, there you have the gimmick of the conspiracy theory—those puffs of concrete dust looked like explosions—so they are explosions. So, who put those thermite bombs there? They were obviously triggered by an electronic signal, right?

But Dusty persisted and made me look at Building 7 coming down like a very controlled demolition, and numerous firemen heard blasts.

So, I gave in and allowed Julio Gomez, a member of the group, to make a presentation to architects Barry Benepe and Brian Pape. 

My thoughts were that Building 7 sure looked like a controlled demolition but the planes could have and did destroy the towers, and yes, this should be opened up to see if explosives were planted in the buildings.

The lawyers repeated and repeated they don’t know who did it but it sure looked like more than two planes, so why not check it out? Mounds and mounds of conspiracy theory have accumulated, some of which traces it all to a button on Bush’s desk.

Barry Benepe heard the presentation and did not succumb to the theory that the two planes were anticipated by the planting of a network of thermite bombs. Later, our designer, Kim, who was exposed to an affluent entrepreneur who also insisted that there was a conspiracy, checked the facts with careful consideration and satisfied herself that it was not so.

Here is the letter from the lawyers. You decide…

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5 thoughts on “Does a Conspiracy Theory Hide a Conspiracy?

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      You would think it would be news that a nonprofit legal organization has filed a Grand Jury petition regarding the demolition of three WTC buildings on 9/11/01, and that such news would be published in newspapers. But you would be wrong, because our media is being told what is and is not allowed to be published. Thankfully this newspaper agreed to publish this news after persuasion by the lawyers, although with a caveat from the publisher. Why does it have to be so difficult to listen to the people instead of the establishment?

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      I believe the article by Julio Gomez, Esq., is well written and states the truth. I am really surprised that this newspaper has to file a caveat before Mr. Gomez’s article when it is very clear that the caveat article writer before Mr. Gomez’s article has done little or no reading of the multiple books that have been out on the details of 911, including even James Bamford’s book, A Pretext for War. Why is this newspaper so naive that they actually believe the government after so many lies we have been told over and over again through the decades by one administration or another? It appears to me the newspaper writers are not well read, and should go back and read the Pentagon Papers to begin their education!! Governments lie all the time….get use to it, honestly gentlemen, please grow up!!

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      thank you for running this story. I subscribed to the paper.

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      Thank you for having the courage to print the lawyer’s article about the Gran Jury Petition and the lies of 9/11. The official story of 9/11 is so full of holes (lies) and the consequences so great. Your article could be the start of something really good. The only reason the lies of 9/11 have not been exposed to the public is because of a complicit media. There’s a mountain of evidence that totally contradicts the official lies, like the many alleged hijackers who were still alive after 9/11. Thanks for taking the first step in helping to expose the truth. I hope you’ll do more. The lives of many depend on it.

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      Why do you feel you need to take a trip all around the barn before you can tell a simple story about reasonable people with reasonable objections to an official government report? Since when do publishers feel they have to label views critical of the official government story “conspiracy theory,” even when those views are backed by a group of over 3000 architects and engineers, and in the case of my own organization, a group of 90 scientists. (See Despite all that, thank you for publishing this article. You have more courage than most publishers.

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