Developers Shrug Off Debris at 11 Jane Street

Dear Editors:

Several months have gone by since the scaffolding appeared at the 11 Jane Street Garage. This has led to an accumulation of garbage, rat traps, dog feces, plastic bags, leaves, and other detritus, plus the occasional sleeping homeless person. The sidewalk is unhealthy, unsightly, and disgraceful.

Thankfully, the superintendent from 31 Jane Street recently took the initiative to clean the area. The developers of 11 Jane Street, who plan to build multi-million dollar condominiums on the site, say that they aren’t responsible for dealing with the mess. Yet, it is beginning to accumulate again.

This is outrageous, and shows a lack of respect and responsibility for our neighborhood and neighbors by letting a filthy, unsightly mess fester. Several people in the neighborhood have called 311, but nothing has changed. Obviously, there is enough money to build multi-million-dollar condominiums, but not enough to clean a sidewalk.

— Susan Skoorka

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