Follow-up on Ellis Nassour’s “Villager Heaps Scorn on Verizon”

This is the author’s update to the article published in the May 2017 issue of WestView News.

On May 24th, I was informed that the date we were told service would be restored (May 22nd) wasn’t met, and that service won’t be restored until late May or early June.

I thank WestView News Publisher Mr. Capsis and the many readers of WestView for your calls expressing concern, and asking for information, which hasn’t always been easy to give.

After pleading with Verizon, I was finally sent a “voice box.” Don’t be surprised if the customer service reps don’t know what that is. However, it is a Verizon-sanctioned device that you plug your phone line into to get service—at least on one phone. It isn’t especially good service, but it’s better than nothing. (You will not have call forwarding or use of the answering machine.)

Since the outage on March 26th, due to a sliced cable on Gansevoort Street, and following the article published in WestView, I’ve heard from readers as far South as Thompson Street who have also been affected. Approximately 80 phones still have no service.

—Ellis Nassour

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      Thank you for your article about Verizon. At least I know now that I’m not the only one, but at least the 81st person who’s been calling Verizon regularly and not getting any satisfaction. In my case, I had no service at all, which was corrected, but once it rained, there was such loud static that I literally couldn’t hear. And my internet service constantly goes off. Almost as bad as no service. This has been the situation for over a month now.
      Please keep your readers informed. Should we organize or something?
      Thanks again.
      Sheila Kogan
      Washington Place

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