Learning About Our Need for a Full-Service Hospital the Hard Way By Robert Widmann I was getting ready for bed and had just sat down […]


Dear Editors: Being Boston-born and DC-domiciled, I must admit surprise at being reminded of an early childhood memory by a New York community newspaper! While […]

Music of the Youth

Dear George, The February WestView article on “Johannes Brahms: The Working Musician” compelled me to forward my enclosed graphical commentary on the current, sad state […]

Co-Dependent Nation

Dear Editors: The United States, and increasingly, the world, is being kept in thrall by the new president, Donald J. Trump. His lack of experience, […]


This letter forms part of a dialogue involving the future of 14th Street in relation to the L Train shutdown planned for at least 18 […]

WestView Online Access

Dear Editors: I just read the letter in February’s WestView News about print editions unfortunately ending up in the trash. I’d love to be signed […]

Arthur’s Heart

This email exchange took place between community organizer Gil Horowitz and attorney/activist Arthur Z. Schwartz on February 9, 2017. Hi Arthur, In these dark days […]

Hate in West Village

We received a call from Dr. Steven Schwartz, PhD who asked that we print this anti-Semitic scrawl with his name defiantly displayed. Trump hate has […]