Joy’s Senior Seasonal Nutrition Buys of the Month


As vegetables and fruits continue to come into season, they offer seniors the tastiest and most nutritional buys for their money.

December’s New York list of local harvests is short, but there are multiple ways to get nutrition on a budget. Look for shell beans, collard greens, and parsnips. Other selections available from storage are: beets, cabbage, carrots, leeks, onions, potatoes, winter squash, turnips, apples, and pears.

As always, my picks for you are those deeper in color. A deep-orange sweet potato would be a healthier choice than a white potato. My concern about sweet potatoes, though, is that they are usually larger than needed. Bake one half and save the other half for another time. In greens, also look for those deepest in color. Choosing frozen vegetables is just fine and healthy. In fact, some of the frozen vegetables are healthier than the fresh varieties.

My holiday tip is to check out the sales. There are many sale items because grocers want to entice customers. Check out the paper flyers in the grocery stores or go online, and join their “club” memberships, because some sales are only for members! Compare prices and buy those items at the best prices. Also remember to shop on “Senior Discount” days.

Until next month…Enjoy!

Joy Pape is a Nurse Practitioner at the Weill Cornell Comprehensive Weight Control Center. She resides right here in the West Village and has her own practice in the neighborhood.

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