Mulry Square Travesty

I applaud the new commitment of WestView News and George Capsis to tackle the travesty that is the MTA Mulry Square Ventilation Plant. My bedroom […]

Monstrous Carbuncle

Thank you for your efforts to hold someone accountable for the contemptible new MTA structure. What a tragic scar to a street that is finally […]

Defining Transgender

I’m an avid reader of WestView News. I have learned and absorbed a lot from the perspective of the contributing writers over the years. And […]

More Jazz Clubs

Clive L. Morrick’s round up of Village jazz clubs was good as far as it went, but it didn’t go far enough. There have been […]

Lost Supermarkets

Last week, a manager of D’Agostino told me that they would be closed within 30 days. By my count, that makes 15 supermarkets that have […]

Just Say No

Re: the article by Ralph Godfrey, I’d like to comment: I know well that not using so-called “recreational” drugs—esp. when so many appear to be […]


I am a proud, happy subscriber to WestView….Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy “Mia Says”! She is adorable and smart! And […]

More on Glick

There are many statements with which we take issue in Arthur Schwartz’s article in your July issue about his withdrawal from the Assembly race. But […]