I just read your articles in WestView about the planned closure of Beth Israel hospital. Great work! I’ve lived in the West Village for over 40 years, and am horrified that the powers that be, State and/or City, are allowing this to happen yet again. But I am perplexed. Condos and rental buildings are sprouting up all over downtown, not just the West Village. Just look at those two monstrosities in the Two Bridges section of the City. I’m assuming that human beings are going to inhabit some of those hundreds of new apartments. Where are those humans going to go when they need a hospital or ER? Do we have to wait until a downtowner dies on the way to an uptown hospital because of traffic to get the attention of our elected officials? ?? Maybe Beth Israel’s current structure is too large. But 70 beds? Give me a break!

—Linda Franklin

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