I have been aware of the total blackout in the major media about events in Latin America since the early eighties, when the New York Times ran a front-page story by Raymond Bonner about the death squads in El Salvador and U. S. government complicity. After howls of criticisms from other major newspapers, the Times took Bonner off the story and the rest was silence.  The blackout by the mainstream media continues to this day, which is why, after reading in the independent press that history was repeating itself in Honduras, I pitched writing about it to George Capsis for the April issue. I did so with trepidation, knowing U.S. “regime change” activities in Latin America has been a taboo subject for decades. I should have known better. He gave an immediate and enthusiastic “yes!” It’s almost impossible for a monthly newspaper to scoop a story that’s breaking news, but WestView did. To this day, not a single New York City media outlet will touch it, even though the Honduran crisis is ongoing nightmare. Even though sixty-two members of Congress, including our own Jerry Nadler, wrote an urgent letter about it to Secretary of State Kerry. Even though follow-up stories appear in the digital media almost daily, horror stories, embarrassing to a number of very prominent politicians and our country’s reputation in the world. I plan to write an update for the June issue. In the meantime, hats off to George Capsis, and long live independent media!

—Catherine Revland

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