To the Editor,


As a lifelong native New Yorker, I always thought WestView News was the hippest of all the local Village papers, but now I know it is—thanks to that superfine article about the Undigables, myself and the world famous 55 Bar by Stanley Fine (October, 2015).

The Undigables, a true born and raised New York band, tries to lift the spirits and celebrate being alive. You haven’t experienced New York City until you have been to the 55 Bar to hear us. Keep up the good work WestView News.

Please leave some newspapers at the McBurney YMCA on 14th Street, we all love reading it. Keep smilin’.

—Ollie Boy Lester

This letter is in response to the October 2015 article “Adding more Joy on Christopher Street” The original article can be found online at:

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