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Thank you for this very special newspaper. It is a wonderful forum for issues related to the West Village and its residents.

I am writing on behalf of the young man who, for the last 10 years, has sold fruit and vegetables from his cart on 7th Ave. So. between 12th St. and Greenwich Ave.

During construction of Lenox Health Greenwich Village, the 12th St. bus stop was moved south on 7th Ave. to Perry St. Since the completion of Lenox Health project, the 12th St. bus stop is now at Greenwich Ave.

As a result of this, the gentleman is being harassed by the NYC traffic police—and, in particular, by one employee—with repeated tickets for being in a bus stop area. He has had up to as much as $500 in fines in as little as one week, which cuts deeply into his earnings.

He would like the bus stop restored to its original location, as would others. The current location adds to the trek home for disabled people in the area and all ambulances use the 12 St. entrance. Those on foot enter the front door; and for those coming by bus, it would be advantageous to have a public bus stop.

Many of the area residents have called the transit authority, including myself, but, to date, nothing has been done.


Dr. David K. Davis
(longtime resident of W. 12th St.)

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