They Want You Out by any Means Necessary!



Dear George:


Rent regulated tenants (mostly seniors) suffer anxiety every time the rent laws are set to expire. These tenants should be able to enjoy their apartment instead of having to worry it will be deregulated out from under them. At this time of their life, they’re on fixed incomes that don’t increase as much as rents, food and transportation, and these landlords are tarnishing what should be their Golden Years.


Who among you have not lived through the nightmare of an apartment being renovated next to, above, or below you? Living in a construction site for weeks and sometimes months is intolerable—surrounded by dust, containing possibly asbestos, lead, crystalline silica, cadomin and other toxic elements. Breathing in dust that could also be getting into our food as we cook our family dinners.


A coating of dust blankets everything in the apartments. We’ve all experienced burning eyes and loud noises and some may develop asthma, shortness of breath or a future cancer from all the dust the renovations produce.


One tenant recalls wearing a suit, shirt and tie and by the time he got downstairs to the ground floor to leave his building, he and his suit were covered in grit, dirt and dust. He felt he needed to shower again—this is no way to face a day in NYC.


And then, of course, there are the courts that seem to be there for the landlord. Despite the fact that it’s called Landlord-Tenant Court, it is indeed a collection agency for said landlords.


Frivolous case after case is brought to this court for the sole purpose of wearing down the tenants emotionally and financially. These cases should be reviewed by the courts on their merits. Many tenants cannot afford a lawyer, and it is a known fact that when a tenant doesn’t have a lawyer, they lose.


Landlords, on the other hand, have lawyers on retainer all the time. It costs them nothing extra to bring tenants to court. Who’s paying for this? As usual, the taxpayer.


We know of one landlord, Steve Croman, who actually brought a case against one of his tenants alleging the tenant owed seven cents because the tenant was short one penny a month for seven months. It would be laughable except that it is so tragic and true.


This same landlord, Steve Croman, dragged another tenant into court as she attended to her hospitalized, ninety-eight year old dying mother. They accused her of living with her mother, and not at her rent regulated apartment. During that tragic time, she was dragged to court. The landlord wanted her regulated apartment, so she was falsely accused of not living there. Just imagine the emotional ramificatons of being dragged into court while having to take care of a loved one on her deathbed…all due to the greed of this landlord.


And many other stories. You’ve all heard them. Landlords want these rent regulated apartments and they’ll go to any and all lengths and tactics to get them.


Steve Croman (and let us not forget the Mrs., Harriet) are not alone in their endless quest to get back apartments from tenants. There’s Pinnacle, Icon, The Shalom Brothers, and Ben Shaoul. The latest ones on the scene are Mahfor, Aron & Joel Israel, Marolda, etc.


State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio have formed a task force “to look into” the activities of these afore-mentioned predatory landlords, and we look forward to their findings. Much more must be done to protect the tenants of this great city.


To quote long-time-gone tenant activist Esther Rand, “They’re not the lords of the land, but the scum of the earth.” Oh Esther, how we need you now.

—Cynthia Chaffee and Mary Ann Miller of the STOP CROMAN COALITION


Cynthia Chaffee and Mary Ann Miller began the STOP CROMAN COALITION on Bastille Day, July 14, 2007.


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9 thoughts on “They Want You Out by any Means Necessary!

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      To what I hear croman also ongoing been faking court input and making return comeback repeatly accusing government subsidy building he do not own of manages. Pick those landlord and their tenants to use to evict his tenant. All you need is someone living elsewhere has family ember that is croman tenant. Or a croman tenant is caretaker to other family member living elsewhere. With croman his tenant is stupid they Are not allow to help their family member if he finds out you are financially helping someone that person home will be accuse it’s your and hello eviction.

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      With croman you cannot fight their fraud dhcr filing. If you do hello eviction

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      Croman will hire and keep changing reps and lawyers. To evict you.

      He has used a law firm with malpractice history to do your case in court.

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      Watch out for all the employee hired to attack you or involved in eviction.

      Many have malpractice or history being sued.

      Watch out for your rent it can be improperly calculated and dhcr filing.

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      Anyone , any building whether it is croman own or not his employee will attack and become his victim

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      croman hires attorney with history of malpractice to evict his tenants. any victim if you get a summon to court please investigate these employee that comes attack you.

      He also hires employee illegal trespass to property of other building owners and uses those apt or property or renter to attempt to lie and try to harass his tenant out. all you need is his tenant have family/friend/etc… reside elsewhere away from croman building. in nyc there are many building owner and their tenant are victim of court in court case accuse them of wrong doing that they did not comit and somehow Hon. Fern Fisher is not monitoring and issue fine on these court cases. its tax payer money being used for frivolous lawsuit into court to scare out tenants.

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      Croman have attorney currently helping him harassing tenant out of their apt and it is harassment. These attorney new to the cases testify he/she knows the story to represent their client where actually they don’t because croman hides back many proof present to attorney to persue the case. It is hear Croman also has been attacking government subsidy tenant and landlord picking their apt to attempt to evict their tenant because these government subsidy apts have tenant with friends & family that is tenant of croman to pick to evict. There are building owner out there in nyc being accuse of fraud and illegal apt renting in court document by croman attorney and by croman employee accusing these government (city , state or federal subsidy building) subsidy landlord renting illegally to croman tenant where actually the truth is they are not. this is one trick croman ongoing make return comeback as a subject being used in housing court non primary resident holdover cases. Hon Fern Fisher needs to be brought attention to this and same for the nys ag.

      this is a criminal activity.

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      Heiberger & Associates….a law firm with many malpractice history was used by croman for many cases coming in as ‘debt collector’ try to collect rent that tenant do not owe.

      Croman bookkeeper working along with his other employee (Mr. S. Y. not to mention the full name so we can be sued) together have a accounting system where Mr. Y would files false rent calculation into dhcr no matter how many times dhcr document to tenant this is your approved nys collectible rent. Mr. Y. would find a way to make this $ bigger and drag his error math down many years of dhcr filing so tenant cannot fight back because he knows in order to fight this tenant have to go to court. Not all tenant knows how to fight court, some may have disability and language problem and many do not or don’t qualify lawyer or legal fee will end up more than your rent.

      Bookkeeper is responsible with rent bill (account receivable in what accounting calls them). They would put rent bill rent charge the way they want it not what dhcr says or what Mr. Y claim. They also have a habit of sending out late rent bill monthly going back 1 year claim you never paid rent while their bank account has record of bank deposit record. If a tenant is a fighter they will hold back rent bill and late rent bill so you won’t have any proof against them to fight back.

      Croman would then as your rent accumulates….goes to a law firm and file non pay attempt to collect these illegally calculated rent hiding bac deposit record and dhcr mailing where these mailing can show rent ban.

      Heiberger & Associates a law firm with many malpractice (google or bing or yahoo a search to get this proof) . In court record Heiberger law firm has been seen sued back because Croman former in house attorney Mr. MSF went out to these law firm to trick them to get them to start false claim court proceeding…

      This law firm also seen with no solid proof document into court case pushing respondent to proof things that do not exist, files false rent ledger in, etc…

      I am happy to see Heiberger law firm and their attorney being sued for doing croman cases. now we want to see the law firm suing back mr MF and croman.

      Heiberger came forward and did a few false rent collecting cases coming in as debt collecting. violating debt collecting law and other issue. some tenant were lucky to get a lawyer in other not because he/she cannot qualify to get a lawyer and stuck in the border line to get legal help.

      Heiberger law firm also seen helping croman attack landlord and their tenant of building not own or managed by croman false croman tenant have 2 apt making return comeback again illegally accusing other building owner renting apt to the same croman tenant over and ovaer again. This is because the case started by Rose & Rose and Heiberger with many hidden proof held behind they blindly came forward to help croman taking over Rose & Rose case inherited the screw ups of what Rose & Rose did. After they found out the truth they either got fired or self resign those cases.

      Again I am happy to see some croman tenant suing croman lawyer MSF and Heiberger law firm including their lawyer.

      Thanks for reading

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      Anyone knows any court case especially a non primary resident holdover or a non pay filed in housing court cannot be wrong or have any fraud data documenting in. The starter of any legal case into court whether it is self input by the petitioner or by any lawyer/law firm that person or business is responsible for anything that the case can result to this mean penalty, fine, etc…. The starter of any court proceeding into court cannot have error or any mis presentation. The process server plays an important role in helping the petitioner to present the case to the respondent. The notary public who notary any document for the case must not include any mis representation or false claim data. If the notary public notarizes false notary any document will become legal document and Penal law 210 perjury may apply same for Penal law 170 and 175 forgery and false business document. If a lawyer or law firm gets fires by the petitioner as this is what Croman does, he hires one lawyer then fires them and the new come in replacement lawyer knowing almost nothing about the case but goes by what the previous lawyer put into court and continue from there and may add in new topic of discussion that is fraud and try to continue the case. Croman then fires this 2nd lawyer and replace with a 3rd lawyer to push respondent extra headache and spend down to harass them out hoping by now by keep changing lawyer respondent will self surrender the case and admit his fraud claim into court. When these lawyers comes in representing Croman they hide back many proof available that can proof their claim into court is fake/fraud/and forgery. Notary affidavit of Croman property manager comes in to certify false information adding into the case for support. These lawyers is that stupid to keep filing into court certify themselves he/she knows the case very well to represent his client while if the respondent comes out proof all the stuff like bank rent deposit, letter issue to tenant refuse rent etc… comes out its oh oh to the lawyer for Croman. then follows another lawyer / law firm change for Croman. this is high % of his court case inside housing court. Hon. Fern Fisher needs really to come forward and support dhcr and ag with the current investigation and the 2 ag court case that is current going on.

      The law firm of Rose & Rose was one of the law firm starting frivolous lawsuit for Croman before getting fired. Rose & Rose later ,ued Croman for over $700,000.00+ in non pay of legal bills ng over 100+ building of services. In affidavit of the Rose brothers into their court case they claim Croman was their long time client (with trust?) and was hard time getting paid. But did Rose & Rose law firm know they were filing court case into housing court with lies and other issue? Did they know Croman planned that since he was having problem with Rose & Rose he may be putting up a scam to screw the law firm so he don;’t have to pay them? Rose & Rose list of unpaid bill filed into that supreme court case of theirs do contain cases of frivolous lawsuit and illegal eviction. If Croman pays it that mean he admits the fraud.

      Taking and using Rose & Rose to start friviolous lawsuit to screw them for maybe to get out for not paying the bills (? just guessing this part) Croman then fires Rose & Rose and bring in another sucker law firm victim into the case to continue what Rose law firm started and using in house hired lawyer and from there this guy would go out and outsource innocent attorney and law firm in to take over what Rose law firm started. Hiding back proof and trick this new lawyers to come in add more junk into the case and keep going. These new fraud data being document into the case may include false claim rent ledger with rent tenant do not owe, Croman have rent bank deposit record or rent math calculated not comply with dhcr order and instruction. Croman have a Asian guy who for many years put responsible to sign off false claim dhcr filing for rent stabilized and rent control apts. He will calculate rent math his way while dhcr calculated rent math the correct way. The false calculated way or the Croman way would be used to go for false claim bank fraud to get mortgage (?) and dhcr filing. In 5/9/2016 the nys attorney general filed 2 cases in supreme court a civil case and a criminal case. Among the subject of discussion was tenant harassment, bank fraud, false document, repair, false or frivolous lawsuit etc…. This was a relief to many victim as Croman court victim is anyone who live in nyc whether it is his tenant or not.

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