Lima’s Taste—Christopher East of Hudson

The Food is Fantastic!

Since I called on my neighbors to assist Lima’s Taste and its owner Nelida Godfrey in her fight against the Monster Landlord, Steve Croman, by eating there, I had to go myself. What a joy!

Understand, I went with my 11-year-old daughter, Jordyn, who is a demanding gourmet with a discerning palate. And Jordyn likes spicy food.

We started with a Ceviche Pescado—a nice marinated flounder spiced up with lots of Peruvian spice. And for good measure, Nelida brought us her homemade hot sauce. Amazing. Best ceviche I ever had—and it also cleared out my sinuses. Light, cold, and tasty. Not overly marinated, and the spice was sharp.

We then shared two dishes: First, Lomo Saltado, a filet mignon cubed dish cooked with tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. The meat was lean and the taste was superb. Then a chicken breast dish, Escabeche, cooked in a panca pepper sauce over sweet onions and yucca. Not a piece of food was left.

Then dessert: Cinnamon Flan and Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche. Both of us were oohing and aahing as we licked the dish.

But Lima’s Taste was largely empty, the victim of viscous social media attacks by the landlord.

We will be back soon, and we hope you will be joining us. Aji de Pollo, Paella, Jalea (a fish dish), Tuna Anticucho, Papa Rellena… All look exciting. Check out the website, Help save a local business and have a great meal at the same time! —Arthur Schwartz


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