Many of you may have questions concerning Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income and Retirement. Each of these have sub-programs. Social Security Disability is based upon an earnings record, which usually requires 20 out of 40 quarters, with a different requirement for younger wage earners.

Social Security Supplementary Income is available for low income disabled individuals with generally less than $3,200 household funds. There are exemptions, which are tied into city and state income.

As to retirement, those who choose an earlier age of 62 or 63 will receive a reduced monthly payment of 20%. Those who retire at 66 receive full benefits. At this point, individuals who continue to work will receive benefits, but at a monthly adjustment up to age 72.

In obtaining benefits, the first step is to make an application online ( ) or at any local office. Before making the application, make sure to check your earnings record on the Social Security website, which shows entitlement, amounts and date of last insured for disability benefits. It is also important to check the yearly posting of your earnings, since these will be used to calculate your benefits. These can be verified against your tax return.

As to SSD and SSI, after application is made, these are the following steps: Application, if denied then Reconsideration, Hearing and Appeal, if denied then Appeals Counsel, and if still denied then United States District Court.

All of these have time limits of 60 days for appeal, except if you are receiving benefits and later denied, in that case you have to file within 30 days to continue benefits. In each of the Disability applications, it is essential that you obtain medical reports reflecting the disability or disabilities, and proof that you cannot perform substantial gainful activities.

This is a general statement about the basic benefits available from Social Security. There are other specific issues like Workman’s Compensation Benefits, Long Term, Pension, and many more.

Remember you can get information and assistance from or 1-800-772-1213.

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