“Will the New York Times endorse you?” I asked Zephyr Teachout on the very morning of her interview by the Times editorial committee.

“No. But I think they won’t endorse Cuomo,” came her quick furrowed brow response and as we read in the Times this morning, she was dead on.

The Times demurred Zephyr’s endorsement with, “We decline to endorse her because she has not shown the breath of interest and experience needed to govern a big and diverse state.” And then asks that we vote for her to “send a powerful message to the Governor and the many other entrenched incumbents in Albany that a shake-up is overdue.”

Oh yes, the Times is very angry at the control, strangulation and preemptive termination of the Moreland Committee looking to uncover corrupt Albany politicians. “Mr. Cuomo’s closet aides pushed back every time the commission began looking at the Governor’s own questionable practices, including a committee set up to support his agenda which became Albany’s biggest lobbying spender and did not disclose its donors. A strong public finance system that cut off unlimited donations was always, by far, the most important method of reducing corruption.”

The Times offers, “Ms. Teachout brings a refreshing seriousness to the job of cleaning up state government, making a strong case for the urgency of rescuing politics from unchecked corporate power. The centerpiece of her platform is a campaign finance system molded on the matching funds program that has proved successful in New York City.”

“She would limit contributions to candidates to $2,600, compared with the current $60,000, and would keep corporations from giving five-figure donations, a loophole Mr. Cuomo has exploited to raise millions of dollars.”

At this instant I got a telephone call: “Good afternoon Mr. Capsis I am working for the reelection of Andrew Cuomo as Governor.” I responded with, “You got to be kidding. Did you read the Times this morning?” I got “No sir I did not.” Then I asked “What organization do you work for?” and got a perplexed, “What?” When I repeated, “Who do you work for?” hoping to hear the name of a political loyalty for money organization, he or the control hung up.

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