Brunch at the Brevoort:

Sinclair Lewis in the Village When Sinclair Lewis accepted his Nobel Prize in 1930, the first American novelist to receive the honor, he disparaged his […]

Loving Our Parks

It is probably true that we all use and love our public parks, albeit in different ways. Parks are an essential part of our urban […]

Discount Theatre Tickets

Everyone’s favorite dying patient, the theater,struggles on. The problem is that what we remember as the theater has turned into a tourist industry. The fabulous […]

A Spy in the Village

When Angela Calomiris (1916-95)—“Angie” to her friends, a photographer by trade—appeared on Eleanor Roosevelt’s radio program (12/01/1950), the former First Lady introduced her as “a […]

Do You See What I See?

The Supreme Court’s ruling supporting Michigan’s ban on using race as a basis for admission to its public universities is staggeringly blind to the blatant […]

Loon-y Tunes

Two weeks ago, waking up to a mid-April snow masquerading as Callery Pear petals clustered around the frost-bitten daffodils, I once again, donnedsweater, coat, and […]


Our sweaters and scarves of the harsh winter days are easy to discard now that the warmth of spring has embraced us. This year’s brutal […]