In a little stretch on the west side of Hudson Street, between Perry and Horatio, WestView News has noticed that there seems, of late, to have been an unusual number of arrivals and departures.

While earlier in the year a favorite Christopher Street pizza place moved across Hudson from the north east corner to the one on the north west, and one block north, The Quarter expanded to take over the north west corner at West 10th, it’s further north that the activity has been so noticeable.

For instance:

At #557 and #559, just south of The White Horse, the premises of the short-lived Caliu and the former old favorite, Pepe Verde, have now been empty for several months, with no sign of life.

While a block north, across West 11th, at #573, where in another era Mrs. Hudson rented out videos, and was followed by a couple of short-lived fashion spots, another empty space is waiting.

However, three doors further up, at #581, where the popular pizzeria, Livieto, suddenly closed in November, a sign immediately announced that Doppio was ‘coming soon’ – and painters were hard at work to prove it.

Furthermore, across Bank, at #99, major renovation in progress in the old Duane Reade space signals the imminent arrival of the Westchester chain’s Mrs. Green’s Natural Market.

In the next block, at #605, Forma de Ser arrived in the fall but, as its subhead – Holiday Emporium – implied, was a seasonal pop-up shop and will be gone by the end of December.

However, on the corner of West 12th, at #615, after a 2-year hiatus and previous false starts, renovation is finally in full swing in the old Kobma Thai space – though, since a December CB2/SLA hearing was apparently postponed at the last minute, the opening date has ‘yet to be announced!’

On the other hand, half a block north, the spot once occupied by the long gone Sung Chung Meii is still empty, as is that of the recently closed Sakura Hana next door, at 615 ½.

Just across Hudson Street, at #626 and 628, however, are two new spots, Pizzetteria Brunetti and Hudson Café, which quite quickly replaced Bistro de la Gare and an old neighborhood deli.

Especially in view of the fact that although, just before Christmas, Mappamondo, #11 Abingdon Square, became another restaurant casualty, the handwritten notice in the window announced – “INJERA ethiopian restaurant is coming soon!

Happy Holidays See you soon”

Welcome to the New Year in the new West Village!

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      What was the name of the pizza place that was there BEFORE Mappamondo? I lived in the neighborhood (1989-93) and went there often, but the game is totally escaping me.

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