WestView Letter August 2013: Why I am supporting Deley Gazinelli For Male District Leader – 2013

Why I am supporting Deley Gazinelli For Male District Leader – 2013

I am supporting Deley Gazinelli as a candidate for Male District Leader to represent the East and West Village because I believe he is the best candidate. Given his tireless grassroots advocacy for our community which has suffered from special interests with the closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital it is ironic that the opposing candidate is a real estate lawyer. In addition to the closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital, the Expansion of NYU and the super tower on top of the Chelsea Market are undeniably examples of how the real estate industry has caused havoc in our district. This erosion of our community life to meet the special interests and their politically connected advocates must be stopped and I am confident that Deley will fight effectively for the interests of our community.

He will fight for us, whether for the expansion of the Emergency Facility on the O’Toole Building, or to stop the devastating NYU Expansion Plan that is threatening the survival of the community. Deley is also a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Hydro-Fracking Gas Pipeline that is being built in our District. If elected he will be the first person of color ever to help lead Greenwich Village, the most progressive District in our city.

Deley has been a community activist in the District since moving here in 1987. I am proud that he had joined with friends to launch the Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project to combat the violence that was escalating in our city during the onslaught of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Deley has worked diligently on an important issue on behalf of the HIV community regarding a challenge to medical privacy that was protected under the New York State Public Health Law 27F.

I am extremely concerned and saddened about the escalation of violence against those in the gay community. We cannot go back to the past when gay people were targets and victimized because of their sexual orientation. Deley will do his very best to help safeguard our community.

I hope that you will join me and encourage your friends and neighbors to support Deley For Male District Leader any way you can such as making a contribution, volunteering, hosting an event etc. Please visit his website: to find out more about his background and how we can work together to improve our District and keep our community safe.

And go to the polls and vote for, Deley Gazinelli, as Democratic Male District Leader in Greenwich Village, on September 10th.

Dr. Paul Curtis Bellman

Board Certified Internal Medicine, Attending Physician at New York Presbyterian Cornell Hospital, and Board Member Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)

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