Work In Progress

Pier 46 – Perry Street Pier to its many fans – was so severely damaged by ‘Sandy,’ that it has been out of bounds for […]

Bike Tour de France

Oh wow! Last month, while walking along West 4th Street to 7th Avenue, I encountered a whiz bang team swiftly installing a continuous row of […]

Drinking Again

She said she’d meet me at the bar at Chumley’s. I was doubtful. “I thought you’d quit that.” “It’s all right,” she said. “That was […]

New Crop of Cyclists

On Memorial Day, I decided to head out to view the launch of the Citibike bike-share system. Riding around on my own upright Dutch 1-speed, […]

Sitting Pretty

June. Pier 54. A Big Sit, in birding lingo, is a competitive sport. Pick a prime spot, plop yourself down with a cooler and a […]