Goosey, Goosey Gander

“…whither shall I wander?” – Anonymous Saturday night. A delighted pointy-eared little dog charges down the eventide lawn of Pier 45 ambushing a grass-combing gaggle […]

Art on the Park

Street fairs and public art exhibits have become such a huge part of city life that it is easy to forget the humble beginnings of […]

Paint It Black

SnackBar Spring pastels will soon flood the streets; the markets will be gorged with tender greens and the Technicolor fruits of the sun’s labor. The […]


The New Group, one of the more adventurous and ambitious of New York’s Theater Companies, is showing Clive. They do a limited number of plays […]

Power of the Press

“The washing machine won’t turn on.” said Andromache. Climbing, with gasps, the last steps from the basement laundry room, I discovered a slipping push-pull, turn […]

Magnolia Mice Muffins

Oh wow! Magnolia Bakery was shut down because of a mice infestation. Andromache and I were returning from the park when we discovered the shuttered […]