Senator Duane retires to avoid direct questions

So, I read the Monday Times and State Senator Tom Duane is not running after 14 years. He was having a press conference that very day and we at WestView News, despite closing the June issue, wanted to take the time to attend the conference. I called his office, where they know me (nice) and the session was to be at noon; due to the rain we were not sure of the location. At around 11:00, I received an email – the conference would take place at his office building on 36th Street and 8th Avenue, just time to comb my hair and grab a cab.

In answer to why he is quitting, he recalled a recent enjoyable evening at the theater and suggested that New York was his home and shuttling up to Albany had become less and less fun with each office term.

Capsis “Senator Duane I am from West View New as you may remember.

Duane interrupts “Who could forget.

Capsis “In the last issue we made a proposal that the NYU expansion be moved to Pier 40. On the 31 May, the Hudson River Park Trust had a very large meeting in which they suggested that instead of NYU and a possible hospital moving to Pier 40, they should construct 600 luxury apartments and a 150 room hotel. Which do prefer?

Duane “Well, I think actually there are more choices than those two. There was just a public hearing with different ideas to save Pier 40 and what the uses should be; obviously luxury housing would be on the bottom of the list for me.

Capsis “HRPT…

Duane interrupts, “That’s Hudson River Park Trust

Capsis “is going before the state senate in the next few days…”

Duane interrupts, “I don’t know that for sure – OK

Capsis “to expunge…

Duane interrupts, “I don’t know that for sure.”

Capsis “may be going before the state senate.”

Duane interrupts, “Who knows – You know what, I don’t know, the answer is I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.

Capsis, “It was not a question. I’m with you I want to make this short – may be going before the state senate.”

Duane interrupts, “I love you.”

Capsis “What’s that?

Duane “I love you.

Capsis “I love you too – may be going before the State Senate to expunge the original act – remove the act which formed the Hudson River Park Trust 15 years ago. They wish to remove the act to allow…

Duane interrupts, “A. I don’t know who they are. B. I, you know, am involved in the process. I work with Debra Glick every day. I work with Dick Gottfried every day. I work with Swayze every day. They are all involved, the community boards are involved, the activists are involved, the governor is involved, the mayor is involved, the Trust is involved – there are a lot of people involved so…

A young man runs up and says, “We are going to call it time.

Capsis “I never finished my question.”

Duane “I love you but it is a bottomless pit, it is a bottomless pit.

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