“We Need a Hospital!”

Published February 2012

Last month, we invited readers to express themselves and support the fight for a new Village hospital by writing a Secret Message Poem using the 15 letters in this sentence: “We Need a Hospital!” Here are our four favorite entries…

Whither Now?
Whatever next?  I ask –
Emergency room gone –
No logic or reason –
Even now it makes me cross.
Everyone: stay healthy!
Deflect disease!
And broken bones!
Have no accidents
Or only if you’re on the east
Side of town –
Perhaps I’m daft but
I want St. V’s
To have my back.
Am I asking too much?
LOL to keep from screaming …
Ruby Baresh

Where do we go for:
Electrocardiograms on the spot?

Needles full of life-giving fluids in an instant?
Emergency care?
EMTs that give a damn?
Doctors who know us and care for us? Or even

Ambulances that can carry us to the care we need in five minutes?

Help of every sort.
Operating rooms for critical cases.
Stitches for the minor bumps.
Prescriptions to be filled down the block to
Interrupt our imminent demise, to
Tear us from death’s jaws,
Aid us in our times of most need, and to basically
Let us live healthy, secure in knowing a hospital is there.
Shazo Bakt, West Village

You Had to Ask?
Where have they gone?

Nobody stopped them?
Everybody tried
Except the ones who should have,
Delinquent in their duties—

And paid to look away.

How could this happen?
Oh, Don’t be
So naïve
It’s the real estate, Stupid!
There are words of wisdom that we
All should
Learn—Follow the money, and see where it leads.
Maggie B.

For an Unknown Casualty
Who was he?
End of the day

Nobody knows—
Even those who were there. The
Emergency Room at Beth Israel maybe?
Do they answer such enquiries?

Anyone follow up on his fate?

How many people,
One by one, are
Absence of St. Vincent’s?
Louder, everybody—We need a hospital!
Robin Macbean

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